The Best Cryptocurrency Airdrop; Make Money With Audcoin


A cryptocurrency airdrop, is a limited time event created by coin projects (to promote their crypto-currencies) by distributing tokens or coins to early adopters, for free.

Ethereum is dominating the cryptocurrency giveaway industry, with their ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. And that’s very convenient, to have all your airdrop coins in the same wallet.

Wallet providers supporting hundreds of tokens can be very complex and very time consuming,hence the community proposed standard codes like ERC20 and ERC223. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comments.

With ERC20 and ERC223 tokens,exchanges can add new tokens easily and wallets like MEW(MyEtherWallet) and Trust Wallet have support for all ERC20 and ERC223 tokens without having to be updated.


An ICO(Initial Coin Offering) is a token sale that people can use to crowdfund their projects,which Ethereum makes very easy to do.


1. Look for airdrops with interesting ideas,unique concepts.

2. You must keep secret your private keys to your coins & tokens. Otherwise, they’re not yours. Period. While you can share your crypto address, you must never share your private key! If you do, you can say goodbye to your coins.




Aussiedigital Is Rewriting The Future Of Ecommerce On Blockchain.

E-Commerce is becoming more and more attractive to retailers every day.The problem now is “Like the Greedy Landlord” the online E-Commerce providers “Ebay, Shopify and Amazon to name a few are also getting greedy. This is where Aussie Digital shines above the rest.

The Aussie Digital Project has been designed to help the growth of small to medium businesses online.The Aussie Digital Ecosystem is based around a Digital Token. The Ecosystem includes an Amazon-like store builder (packed with powerful digital marketing tools) and a B2B Trading Platform (that integrates Social Media in unprecedented ways). Other services powered by blockchain technology have also been incorporated to speed up the flow of funds. This in turn keeps costs down for the Retailer and Shopper alike.

CLICK HERE to sign up.


1. TRADEZY E-COMMERCE: This is an Amazon/ eBay style ecommerce platform that will accept both Crypto and standard (fiat) currency. Its designed to help small business and new business set up quickly and at minimal cost. Like any online enterprise, you need to promote, and so TRADEZY is loaded with features that will help with your SEO.A very generous and unique rewards program has been added.

2. TRADEDO:With this,you will have the ability to exchange Audcoins and many other reputable coins.Retailers will have the ability to automatically convert their sales to their chosen currency in real time.

3. CHATEZY SOCIAL MEDIA: To help buyers and sellers connect, an Internal Social Media Platform will be introduced. This can be used by anyone in Aussiedigital Community for business, or for pleasure. Promote a product or business or simply connect with new friends. Import contacts from other platforms and get new people involved.

4. B2B PLATFORM: This is the future of international trade.This is a unique platform that will allow ordinary people to form Buying Groups with other like-minded members to team up and buy products.This gives these Groups or Communities the power to Buy like the Big guys with direct access to high-quality manufacturers saving up to 50% on the usual cost of products.TRADEZY clients will have access to the (B2B) Trading platform making wholesale products cost effective, user friendly and search engine smart. This will change the way people shop and small businesses do business forever.

5. REWARDS PROGRAM: Who doesn’t like free stuff? TRADEZY will offer a generous rewards program to help promote its e-tail community. This program will be done at no expense to the e-tailer and offer great incentives to the shopper. The more you shop the more you earn. Shopper rewards will be paid in AUDcoin to introduce newcomers to this new way of shopping which can be redeemed at the shoppers’ leisure.

6. ADVERTISING: Just being online is not enough. If you’re not seen, how can you sell? Our internal paid advertising is being created to connect Sellers and Buyers and vice versa.

You can Reach Thousands of qualified customers through personal email or our E-commerce and Social platforms. Advertise your business or single out a product you wish to push.

The AIM here is to provide the most affordable, user friendly advertising, so that customers can maximise their profits and get on with business.

7. THE ECOSYSTEM: There are so many ICOs out there and so many new coins all claiming to be the next globally accepted currency, out doing all Crypto and Fiat Currency. The fact is there is no use for most of these coins!

The GOAL is to build an ecosystem of supporting services that will accept Audcoins,thereby allowing users to pay for Goods and Services without leaving the Aussiedigital platform.

These coins will keep circulating through the Ecosystem, slowly growing in value as more and more consumers discover the advantages that Audcoins have to offer.

With the added advantage of lower platform fees,this is more than achievable.


The SuperDrop/Airdrop Round Two is here!


The SuperDrop form is found in your dashboard.

The weekly social media tasks are below:


To participate in the SuperDrop Social Campaign, you must be in the Aussiedigital community telegram group,and following all announcements.

To participate in the SuperDrop twitter campaign you must have completed the follow on twitter Airdrop Task. This is the same for all,for example, to participate in the LinkedIn SuperDrop Campaign, you must have completed the LinkedIn Airdrop task.


SuperDrop Social Campaign – Weekly Task’s Brief Overview


For Twitter:


5 Re-tweets and 2 Original Posts Per Week – all should be spread out and not all in one day.

Account must be over 6 months old, active and public.

Your twitter audit score must be above 85%.

Post-Re-Tweet’s less than 14 days old – Original Tweets must have the links to the Aussie Digital Website

Hashtags must be included #AUDcoin #TradezyMarketplace  #SuperDrop #AussieDigital – Week 1 hashtags


200-500 Followers: 450 tokens per week

501-1,500 Followers: 950 tokens per week

1,501-3,000 Followers: 1600 tokens per week

3,001-5,000 Followers: 2200 tokens per week

5,001 and above Followers: 3000 tokens per week

10,000 + and above Followers: Influencer Campaign Announced This Week

For Facebook:


Share and like 3 posts from official AUD Facebook with the hashtags #AUDcoin #AussieDigital  – and 2 constructive comments per week

Account must be 6 months old, public and active.

Share posts less that 14 days old – these tasks need to be done over a week not all at once.

200-500 Friends: 350 tokens per week

501-1,500 Followers: 750 tokens per week

1,501-3,000 Followers: 1200 tokens per week

3,001-5,000 Followers: 1900 tokens per week

5,001 and above Followers: 2400 tokens per week

10,000 + and above Followers: Influencer Campaign Announced This Week

For LinkedIn:


Share 3 AUD LinkedIn Post’s + 1 Original Post all with the hashtags #AUDcoin #AussieDigital

Original posts need the AUD website link as well as hashtags.

Account must be over 6 months old, active and public.

500-1,500 Followers: 500 tokens per week
1,501-3,000 Followers: 1050 tokens per week
3,001-5,000 Followers: 1600 tokens per week
5,001 and above Followers: 2000 tokens per week

10,000 + and above Followers: Influencer Campaign Announced This Week

For Reddit:


Accounts need to be 6 months old with 50 comment and 20 post karma – no negative karma.

3 original engaging Reddit post’s and 2 constructive comments on AUD Reddit Posts per week.

All post’s should contain minimum 130 words + link to AUD website and telegram community channel.

Comments should be minimum 10 words and should encourage discussion about the project.

CLICK HERE to sign up.




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