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Let me share exactly what successful millionaire marketers actually do to make money.

It starts with something called a funnel.

A funnel is a way to introduce people to your product or service.

It’s called a funnel because the goal is to attract the most-people possible at the TOP…

So you can have the best chance possible at making sales throughout the funnel.

In the marketing world, these people are called leads.

The more leads you get in your funnel, the more sales you make.

For example, let’s say you have a funnel that attracts 100 leads every day.

And on average, you make 1 sale for every 100 leads.

This means you’re getting 1 sale a day, right?

But here’s where the magic happens.

And where life-changing fortunes are made.

If you get 200 leads into your funnel, you’re making 2 sales a day.

The more leads you get in your funnel,the more sales you make.

You can use Google Ads to get leads in your funnel,but this will cost you a torn of money.
Nowadays, Google Ads leads will cost you about $10 to $100!

So unless your budget is tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per day,you are going to have a hard time getting good leads.

But Google AdWords is not the only method.

You can use Facebook ads,too.

Like AdWords,Facebook used to be cheap,but now you will be competing with BIG spenders on Facebook just to get one lead.

So what is the solution to sending good traffic to your funnels without burning a hole in your pocket?

Here is a great solution for you today: ADVERBLAST

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