Free $100 Giveaway For Sign Up

This company is giving away $100 for every person you bring and $10 more when they invite. They do not need to buy anything… just invite.

This is more than a revolutionary discount app…

The soon to be released,crowd-empowered app provides worthwhile discounts at carefully selected locations worldwide.

This is also a new marketing solution for any business that offers something worth talking about.

The use of the system is reserved for those places that have something that sets them apart. Thus enabling quality vendors to provide deals they could never offer before and much more.

This is in pre-launch,and we are looking for people in almost every city in the world to join us and do what we do.

You will want to take part in our pre-launch and benefit from the rewards for being early.  Then our goal is to be WORLDWIDE the second half of 2019.

CLICK HERE to sign up.

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